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Is Counseling For Me?

Everyone has their share of difficulties. When you encounter problems or issues and the emotional pain and stress that accompany them, help is available. Granberry counselors offer help for today and hope for tomorrow through professional Christian counseling.

Counseling is recommended when...

  • Life's pressures and stresses get you down and it seems you are not handling things well.
  • You struggle with relationship problems at home, work or school, with spouse, children or co-workers.
  • You would like to develop better time and/or stress management skills or more positive communication and decision-making skills than you already have.
  • You have questions about life that weigh heavily on you.
  • You frequently feel depressed, anxious or angry.
  • You regularly cannot sleep at night or sleep so much that it impacts other important areas of your life.
  • You have lost someone special or something significant.
  • You have difficulty prioritizing what is most important in your life.
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Call 318.345.8200
or toll free 1.877.345.7411

Individual • Couples • Families
Training Seminars

Maximum fee per session is $75
Services provided on a sliding-scale basis when applicable

Granberry Counseling Centers
A Ministry of
Louisiana Baptist Children's Home & Family Ministries

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